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"fade to black and blue" bts

we filmed the "Fade to Black and Blue" video over two days in an old theatre in Jersey City. watch the full video here. photos by Kristina Shakht, shot on film.

"blind faith" bts

as the sun went down over Mulholland Drive, we took a vintage car out to bring "Blind Faith" to life, parking at a motel and a rooftop overlooking Los Angeles at night. watch the full video here. photos by West Webb, shot on film & digital.


the "Ungrateful" visual comes into view on a film reel like a hazy, nostalgia filled memory. Shot on Super 8 film and 35mm, the video follows me a perfect summer day in Brooklyn bouncing between rooftops, sidewalks gently strumming my sea foam Fender Stratocaster, mixed with footage of a serene road trip. watch the full video here. photos by Nick Collingwood, shot on film.

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